Snapito Clicks and Films Photography Studio is available for rent for photographers and videographers.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or videographer looking for a space to shoot, or a hobbyist looking to take your photography to the next level, Snapito Clicks and Films Photography Studio is the perfect space for you. Contact us today to book your rental and take your photography to the next level!
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Snapito Clicks and Films Photography Studio is a fully equipped studio available for rent for photographers and videographers. The studio is located in a convenient location and offers ample space, natural light, and a variety of backdrops and props to choose from.

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The studio features a large shooting area with high ceilings, a makeup and changing area, a lounge area for clients, and a kitchenette. It also includes professional lighting equipment, backdrops, and props, as well as a variety of camera gear available for rent.


4X GODOX SK400 || 1X GODOX UB – 165S || 1X GODOX QR-P90


x Octo || 2 x Softbox 60x60cm || 3 x Standard reflector for Elinchrom || 2 x strip box || 1X GODOX, Size= 35X160 cm || 2X GODOX - TC 300RFT || 2X Standard Rafter(7 cm) Brown

Boom Stand



5 x color

Light Stands


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Some Details

A token advance of Rs.1000 to be made to book the date slot.

Advance payment is non-refundable.

Full payment must be made once after the completion of the shoot on the same day.

Camera, Lens, Gimbal, Drone & iMac (for tethering) are charged separately for rental.

If the shoot time exceeds your original booked time, Rs.1000 will be charged per hour.

The time includes setting up and packing time.

Our assistance on lighting is limited to basic simple lighting setup and nothing extra.

No food is allowed inside the shooting area, but can be consumed in a designated dining area.

Team is responsible for any damage to any equipment under the property of Studio Light. An exact market value of that damaged product must be paid along with the rental payment.

No footwear to be worn inside the studio except for the model.

Make-Up Space, Changing Room provided



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You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

Champ Plan

3000 Pay For 3 Hours Day

Master Plan

5000 Pay For Full Day

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